China's steel structure development

The history of the development of China's steel structure clearly records the adjustment of the country's policy of restricting the use of steel to encouraging the use of steel. This has also laid a good material basis and policy environment for the development of the steel structure industry. The steel structure industry includes design and construction (manufacturing, installation), of which the design is at the forefront. The first step in the design of steel structures is to correctly choose the structural scheme and the correct selection of the scheme. The steel structure will have the advantages of building land saving, energy saving, material saving, economy, application, and beauty.


The next decade will be the period of adjustment and further development of the world's steel structure industry. It will also be a critical period for China to achieve the grand goals of the world’s steel giants and powers. In the construction of steel and shipbuilding and high-speed railways, China has already leapt to the top of the world and is striving to advance to the largest country in the steel structure. China's economy has entered a very important period of transition. This period can be understood from two aspects. On the one hand, from now to 2020, this period can be seen as China's strategic opportunity period.

In the long run, the international economic trend is beneficial to the enhancement of China’s national power. On the other hand, this period can also be seen as China's strategic transition period. The transformation of all aspects of the Chinese economic system will be deepened during this period. There will be a systematic and fundamental change in the mode of economic development. The standard for measuring economic development will no longer be purely about GDP, but will be measured by various factors such as comprehensive production methods, innovation results, research and development capabilities, and operating methods.

I. The development of the steel structure industry should be promoted as a national strategy

In the process of changing the economic development mode, as a strategic adjustment of the industrial structure, a national “Strengthening Plan for Steel Structure Industry” should be formulated. First, the state should increase policy support. At present, the development of China's steel structure industry is in a critical period. The state should continue to increase industrial support, increase investment in R&D capital, step up the introduction and implementation of taxation and financial preferential policies, and encourage the use of steel structural products, such as ultra-high-rise buildings. Large bridges, etc. We strongly advocated the structural steelization of schools, hospitals, airports, stations, stadiums, etc., and included the above construction steels in national reserve steels.

Appeals to government agencies to give Chinese steel structure-related units and companies more opportunities to display, so that most companies can participate in all types of steel structure projects, give full play to the role of steel structure energy conservation.

Second, the corporate strategy of the steel structure industry

1, design level

Since the reform and opening up, China's steel structure industry has entered a new phase of scientific and leap-forward development. Steel structure construction is getting higher and higher, the scale span is getting bigger and bigger, and the modeling is getting more and more new.

Steel structure designers should follow a structural philosophy that is less costly and provides maximum capacity with minimal structure. Structural designers should regard building structural steel as the highest level of design. In recent years, some buildings in our country have been pursuing bizarre designs. Actually, not only is the level not high, but also a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources are wasted. The best steel structures often have a simple layout, a short path to spread, and a miniaturized node, demonstrating the charm of modern steel structures.

Facing the ever-increasing international competition, it is particularly important to strengthen the overall design capacity building, including the introduction of international design teams to enhance the design strength of enterprises. In this regard, our plan is - international thinking and internationalization. Vision, international perspective. It is hoped that the State will establish a steel structure design institute with a world-class level as soon as possible to meet the needs of China's rapidly developing steel structure industry. The design concept of "green, low-carbon, steel-saving" is implemented throughout the design process.

In the past, architectural design was viewed with a professional eye. It was a profound technique and knowledge. However, in the ever-changing science and technology, the architectural field is increasingly highlighting the highly integrated art and architecture. In addition, the elegance of the exterior of the building and the precision of the internal structure are both indicative of the level of architectural development of a country and reflect the economic strength of a country. Therefore, the maturity of China's steel structure technology is bound to manifest itself in a series of comparisons. High-rise buildings are bound to be displayed by the eyes of Chinese and foreign peoples, from the venues of the Beijing Olympic Games to the China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo, to the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Shenzhen Universiade, and more and more modern cities with strong visual impact. The steel structure architecture strongly indicates that the spring of China's steel structure has arrived! Our design units and designers must fully emancipate the mind and be bold in making innovations; we must use a new and lightweight structural system.

2. Association level

The association is a big stage for the development of the national steel structure industry. Through the establishment of a public information platform to adapt to the arrival of today's industrial information age. The dissemination of social resources information has been networked, and the utilization rate of resource information has been greatly improved. In the face of such a change, we have to rely on the strength of the enterprise itself, but also show enthusiasm and enthusiasm for technological research, and lay a good foundation for market information collection and transmission. This one.

If we don't want to fall behind on this issue, we must actively build our own information carrier. If companies want to break their waves, they must rely on a steady stream of market demand to encourage and promote. At the same time, the uncertain market has forced us to constantly adjust our own direction, constantly updating our own technology to take advantage of this growth. Through the association's display and promotion of China's steel construction achievements and outstanding achievements, it will surely have a profound impact on the promotion of steel structures, one of the representatives of the green industry and circular economy.

3, manufacturing level

In recent years, one of the theoretical foundations of the industry's deepening of market-oriented reforms is the integration and optimization of steel structure supply chains. It is a broader perspective to observe the market-oriented reform orientation of steel structure from the perspective of supply chain. It not only can theoretically summarize past practice, but also open up more ideas for future development.

At the level of steel structure manufacturing, our vision should be aimed at supply chain construction. In today's world, the way to complete the allocation of market resources through the supply chain is increasingly prevalent, and more and more companies realize that competition is not just a competition between a company and a company, a competition between a brand and a brand, but also a supply chain. Competition between supply chains. It revolves around the core enterprise and controls the information flow, logistics and capital flow of the enterprise. It is not only a logistics chain, information chain and capital chain linking suppliers to users, but also a value-added chain. Material in the supply chain increases its value due to processes such as processing, packaging, transportation, etc. Ultimately, all enterprises and production departments in this supply chain can obtain maximum benefits and development.

Steel structure is a special industry. The plan management mode is its basic characteristics. There is no problem in the planning management itself, but for a long time, the industry has formed a supply and a way of thinking in terms of sales and production, which has seriously hampered the development of the industry. Therefore, the construction of the supply chain in the steel structure industry is not only a theoretical requirement but also an objective practice. On the basis of adhering to and perfecting the quality of steel structures, objective practice requires that the industry must promote market-oriented reforms, require the entire industry supply chain to achieve market orientation, and require the steel structure industrial chain to be highly efficient, standardized, and dynamic.

The steel industry supply chain enables companies to position themselves according to their own functions and concentrate on their own core business to carry out production and business activities, thereby optimizing the resource allocation of the industry. The specialization division of labor has greatly increased the operating efficiency of various economic entities in the supply chain, resulting in the breaking of the industry's “integrated” operating pattern, which is a process of highlighting the main business and enhancing the company’s core competitiveness, and has promoted the development of the industry.

The market's guiding role has prompted industrial and commercial enterprises to focus their attention on the improvement of their core competitiveness, the improvement of product quality and the improvement of service levels. Industry resources began to be rationally distributed and optimized throughout the country. Enterprises and brands with competitive advantages will obtain more development opportunities. Enterprises and brands lacking competitive advantages will gradually withdraw from the market and form stronger and weaker people. The weaker the situation is. At the same time, due to the continuous changes in market demand and increasingly fierce market competition, companies will be forced to overcome inertia, continue to forge ahead with innovation, and strive to become bigger and stronger.

III. Brand and Talent Strategy of Steel Structure Industry

The "Chinese pride" of the steel structure industry begins with us. Today, as one of the representatives of the green industry and circular economy, China's steel structure industry has become the center of attention of the world. We should move from the "Made in China" steel structure to the "Creation in China" of the steel structure. In the brand history of Chinese architecture, countless masters and elites have created numerous outstanding works. While these works are full of the wisdom of the nation's architecture, they also increasingly integrate the rhythm of the times and keep pace with the world. China's steel structure industry must not only create quality projects and brand projects in the domestic market, but also establish a Chinese brand of steel structures in the global construction market.

For the talent strategy, we are guided by the sixteen-character principle: "Special colleges, training mechanisms, insincere missions, and revitalization of the steel structure." The focus of international competition in the 21st century is the competition for human resources, and the key to determining the quantity and quality of human resources is education. The talent education in the steel structure industry must keep pace with the steel structure industry. At present, there is no steel structure in full-time secondary education in China. There are no steel structure majors for full-time higher education and undergraduate education. Only the research direction of steel structures is established in graduate students. Therefore, there are few technicians and management personnel in steel structure enterprises. Someone has systematically studied steel structure.

This results in scarcity of key personnel in the steel structure industry, incomplete knowledge of technical personnel and management personnel in steel structure enterprises, learning civil engineering professionals who are not familiar with the production of steel structures and learning machinery and other professional are not familiar with the installation of steel structures. After all, steel structure graduate students are rare, only in large steel companies. Therefore, the State is urged to set up a steel structure professional college and can give more attention to the steel structure industry on-the-job training and post-secondary training.

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