Buying mahogany furniture should be based on practical investment

For a period of time, people only mention the mahogany furniture, and they naturally equate with the "value preservation" and "luxury", or intentionally or unintentionally hang with the concepts of "collection" and "relics". It is a vague understanding of the nature of the liberty to label the mahogany furniture with the label of "money", and it is not conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

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Historically, regardless of the palace palace, or the official residence, the mahogany furniture in today's concept is the daily utensils for eating and drinking, which means that it is used for life and needs. However, the materials are precious and the workmanship is fine. The ordinary families are unpredictable and unattainable. Just like the luxury lifestyles of private jets and luxury yachts at the moment, as long as they have enough financial resources, everyone can enjoy them, and no one is using it to “preserve value and appreciate”.

Furniture is furniture, and the red wood is rare. Through fine workmanship, it gives its traditional cultural connotation, which is naturally different from ordinary furniture. Including mahogany furniture, any high-quality object has inheritance value, and it may become a cultural relic in the historical sense, otherwise it will naturally become a plain. This is the law of the value of its intrinsic quality, and the only rule of survival of the fittest, regardless of whether it is mahogany furniture.

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Looking at the current mahogany market, after a decade of rapid development in the mahogany furniture industry, mass consumers have learned from “unexpected” to “a little understanding” of mahogany furniture, from “noble mystery” to various hypermarkets. ". The mahogany furniture that gradually "flyes into the homes of ordinary people" is no longer a scarce item. With the gradual popularization of the mahogany culture, families with a certain level of economic income, it is not a great thing to buy two pieces of mahogany furniture, because after all, it is "furniture" after all, and it is made for people to buy home to use. This is the root of the industry's survival.

On the other hand, if the mahogany furniture itself insists on seeing itself as an investment or collection of high-quality "smoke-free fireworks", it is tantamount to self-respect and painting. Artificially misinterpreting the natural attributes of "furniture", mahogany furniture will only become a kind of exaggerated "local tyrants" consumer goods, either used to show off wealth, or as a "profit-seeking" means to make money from it. This is completely a misunderstanding and a misconception of the nature that violates the essence of things.

Who is away from the mass base and who is such a large-scale mahogany furniture store? What is the “prosperity and prosperity” and “sustainable development” of the mahogany furniture industry?

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