Beijing 500G Western Digital Hard Disk Head Damaged Open Data Recovery

Customer Name: Beijing University

Media information: Seagate hard drive, capacity: 500G Model: WD500AAKX

Fault description:

The client computer cannot be turned on, the hard disk is not recognized, and the power is turned on. The data recovery engineer judges that the magnetic head is damaged by preliminary detection, and needs to find a spare spare disk to open the replacement of the magnetic head assembly.

Data recovery process:

After communicating with the customer, the Darth data recovery engineer finds the matching hard disk in the Darth spare parts library, opens the hard disk body in the data recovery level 100 clean room, and replaces the failed hard disk head.

After that, the engineer connected the hard disk to the professional data recovery device. However, it was found that the hard disk parameters could not be recognized normally, and the engineer judged that it was a firmware problem. Then perform firmware repair on the data recovery device. After dozens of minutes of repair operation by the engineer, all the parameters of the hard disk are recognized normally. Finally, the data recovery device uses the data recovery device to mirror the cloned data. After ten hours of recovery time, the data recovery is completed.

Data recovery results: 100% success in data recovery

Advice to customers:

Always use the hard disk process to do a good job of data backup. When the hard disk is damaged, do not try to power on repeatedly, so as to avoid the scratch of the hard disk, and find a professional data recovery company to do data recovery, so as to avoid the loss of permanent loss of data. Darth data recovery, specializing in high-hard disk, raid server data recovery.

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