Beauty teacher S: teach you the secret recipe of red wine

The flesh of the wine-brewed grape contains super-strong antioxidants, in which SOD neutralizes the free radicals produced by the body, protects cells and organs from oxidation, and restores the skin's whitening luster.

Beauty teacher S: teach you the secret recipe of red wine

Red wine mask

1. Red wine nourishing mask

Efficacy: exfoliate, moisturize skin

Ingredients: 1 bottle of high-grade red wine (recommended to choose mini), compressed mask paper (compressed into a small pill-shaped mask paper), and 1 plastic container.


1 Wash and dry the plastic container. If necessary, it is best to put it in the disinfection cabinet for disinfection.

2 Put a mask of paper into a plastic container and pour in the red wine. Once the mask paper touches the water, it will immediately rise. The amount of red wine poured in is suitable for flooding the enlarged mask.

3 Wash your hands and open the mask, apply it on your face, and feel the moisture on the mask is half dry. It is recommended to choose a day before bathing, and gently massage with your fingertips during bathing to help remove dead skin from the face, which is better.

Reminder: It is best not to use this mask for people whose skin is allergic to alcohol. Moreover, this red wine mask is best used at night, because if the skin is removed after the dead skin is removed, it will accelerate the aging of the skin.

Beauty teacher S: teach you the secret recipe of red wine

2. Red wine whitening mask

Efficacy: whitening and firming skin

Ingredients: red wine 20ml, honey 2 spoons, pearl powder a little, ordinary facial mask paper, 1 container.


1 Mix the above materials in a clean container and mix well.

2 Wash your hands, gently spread the mixture onto your face, cover the film, and wash with warm water for about 5 minutes.

Beauty teacher S: teach you the secret recipe of red wine

Wine beauty bath

Efficacy: remove dirt and oil from pores, promote blood circulation, activate skin and prevent allergies.

Ingredients: The amount of red wine (usually the bathtub of the family, ready for about 200ml).


1 Add a proper amount of red wine to the bath water, soak the body for 15-30 minutes, and massage your body with your hands until the body is slightly warm.

2 After bathing, the body must be thoroughly rinsed with water.

Reminder: The water temperature of the bath should not be too high, because the nutrients such as vitamins and fruit acids in red wine are easily deteriorated and lost at high temperatures. Moreover, the rinsing after the bath is also very important, otherwise the alcohol remaining on the skin will take away the moisture of the skin, causing the skin to dry.

Beauty teacher S: teach you the secret recipe of red wine

Choose the standard for beauty red wine:

The red wine used for beauty is best opened with new ones to ensure that the nutrients are not contaminated and destroyed.

In addition, by distinguishing the color, you can roughly judge the quality of the wine: pour a small amount of wine into the glass and observe the color of the wine. The color of the wine should be clear.

The color of the wine is also important. Purple is usually a shorter wine, dark red is a longer vintage, and brick red or brown is a more mature age.

In general, the quality of the darker wine is relatively good.

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