Anhua bathroom recommended: Mediterranean home mix and match style renderings

After the romantic style of 80, they want a feeling, fresh colors, romantic feelings and some mix of personality, in color matching, furniture selection, detail decoration have reached a unity. The mix of the Mediterranean, the blue symbolizes the blue sky, the white symbolizes the beach, and the yellow symbolizes the sun, giving many beautiful delusions. Romantic arches, pure color schemes and unique decoration methods create a unique home that belongs only to the 80s.

Mediterranean living room mix and match style renderings

The living room is equipped with Tips: the beauty of Mediterranean style, including the bright colors of “sea” and “day”, which is the most common blue and white Mediterranean style in the eyes of the people. The blue and white of the living room are interspersed with water and water. The beauty of the clear. Secondly, the white and striped fabric sofas are combined. The retro TV cabinets, coffee tables and shelves are typical Mediterranean elements, creating a warm and happy space.

Mediterranean restaurant mix and match style renderings

The restaurant is equipped with Tips: the classic restaurant wall, a blue photo wall to form a warm dining environment, a white wall with a circular clock on it, and a common decoration method. The restaurant area is very small, with a retro round dining table and a matching dining chair backrest. The color of the dining table is slightly thicker, under the blue wall, giving the space a sense of transparency.

Mediterranean balcony mix and match style decoration renderings

The balcony is equipped with Tips: the balcony of the spring day, the delicate flower is the theme that is indispensable. Not only can it be placed in the corner of the balcony, but also the wrought iron flower stand that can be hung on the railing, let the flowers climb up and the parallel line of sight can appreciate more beauty. Of course, with the beauty, there is no place to stop, the chair and the round table are easily placed on the corner of the balcony, brewing a pot of good tea, so that the ordinary outdoor balcony is instantly energetic.

Mediterranean kitchen mix and match style renderings

The kitchen is equipped with Tips: brown marble countertops and rhombic brown walls set off a natural, healthy kitchenette environment, with good lighting from the windows to make the space more transparent. The "one"-shaped light yellow cabinet is calm and atmospheric, such as the treasure of the town "kitchen" to keep the pattern of this small space. Using the simplest lines, the simplest colors, and the function of a modern kitchen, making the kitchen life more comfortable, this is the essence of simplicity and simplicity.

Mediterranean bathroom mix and match style renderings

Bathroom with Tips: Although the bathroom area is not large, it is a place that people use every day, which is closely related to people's daily life. For small-sized toilets, the clever use of limited space is the key. The “three big pieces” are essential for bathroom decoration. They are washbasins, toilets and showers. The decoration case is Anhua sanitary ware. The simple and elegant toilet is leaning against the window, and the stylish and beautiful bathroom cabinet is close to the side. The faucet is the favorite one after the selection of 80 in the Anhua bathroom store. Finally, the shower is set at the innermost end. It is the most scientific in terms of use, function and aesthetics.

[Conclusion] The colorful Mediterranean style is bright and rich, and is closely related to natural elements. For the personality after 80, decoration is an experience, in a sense, it reflects its attitude towards life, its own hobbies and tastes, so they do not feel very tired during the decoration process, but become a pleasure.


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