9 major questions that can't be avoided when purchasing children's furniture

When melamine milk, waste oil, and poison capsules impact people's diet health again and again, how can our fragile next generation be able to withstand? When the incidents of formaldehyde poisoning and hurting people hurt, the children's living environment is safe for parents. How is it? Fubon Beauty Green Grimm's Fairytale Furniture http://fbmp.cnjiaju.com/organization.php?organization=7551&MD=products&s=Crown Princess Sharing

When another Children's Day is coming, what is the problem of our children's home growth and security? Recently, the AQSIQ and the National Standardization Administration jointly released China's first national standard for children's furniture, General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture, to be released this year. It was officially implemented on August 1. In the face of this late gift, how should parents take precautions and pay attention to the problems of children's furniture? The reporter has collected nine issues that everyone is concerned about and discussed and answered with the industry.
Is the children's furniture solid or good?
As the name suggests, children's furniture is designed for use by children aged 3 to 14 years old. Whether it is size, material or color, it is tailor-made for young children. In terms of categories, children's furniture is not strictly classified. It is only due to the frequent problem of excessive formaldehyde. In reality, many parents often worry about buying solid wood or panel furniture for children when purchasing children's furniture.
The problem that lies in front of parents is that solid wood furniture is natural and has less harmful substances, which is good for children's health, but the color is too single, not in line with the child's character growth; the panel furniture is colorful, the paint is shiny, and the children are easy to form. Lively personality, but easy to be harmed by harmful substances such as formaldehyde.
Many owners believe that solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly, but in fact, consumers should not simply superstitious solid wood, reject the plate type, but should pay attention to the harmful substances according to the corresponding furniture materials. Song Guangsheng, director of the National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that if it is not natural solid wood furniture, all solid wood furniture panels will also use adhesives, and there is also a problem of formaldehyde emission. In addition, due to the aesthetic needs, the surface of solid wood furniture will generally be painted with lacquer lacquer and oil paint. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the heavy metal content of the paint exceeds the standard. The surface of wood-based panel veneer furniture is made of thin wood or wood grain paper, such as wood or wood grain paper. The color on the surface of the veneer is wood-grain paper. Although it does not contain heavy metals, it has many materials. For wood-based panels, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the amount of formaldehyde released is up to standard.
Do children have national standards?
Children's furniture is a low-profile category in the furniture industry. Adults often only pay attention to whether their soft bed is comfortable, whether the wife's wardrobe door slides smoothly, whether the friends praise the sofa in the living room, but only after preparing for the BB, they will think about what kind of furniture to buy for the children. It is safe. As with parents' lack of attention to children's furniture, national standards have been a blank in the field of children's furniture before this year.
From August 1st, parents can buy children's furniture. China’s first children’s furniture national standard “General Technical Conditions for Children’s Furniture” will be officially implemented by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration. The introduction of this standard will end the status quo of the national standard for children and adults. Although it is a late gift, it has better constraints on the production enterprises and allows parents to eat a "reassuring".
What are the new national standards for children's furniture?
Because children have weak resistance to harmful substances and weak self-protection, the environmental protection and safety requirements for furniture are much higher than that of adult furniture. The new national standard focuses on children's furniture safety and environmental protection constraints, especially the structural safety and environmental protection requirements of furniture.
For example, the national standard requires that the children's furniture products should not have dangerous sharp edges and sharp edges, and the corners and edges should be rounded or chamfered. At the same time, the national standard also highlights the environmental performance of children's furniture, and specifies the limit indicators for 10 kinds of toxic and harmful substances such as soluble heavy metals, formaldehyde emission and decomposable aromatic amines in the main and auxiliary materials such as children's furniture artificial panels, paints, textiles and fur fabrics. And the requirements for safety and environmental protection are stricter and more demanding than adult furniture.
Zhang Chengzhi, secretary-general of the Guangdong Provincial Furniture Association, said that there has been no standard for children's furniture in China, so most children's furniture manufacturers are manufactured according to the standards of adult furniture. The handling of details depends entirely on the sense of responsibility of the merchants. However, there are many unscrupulous businesses that not only do not take care of the special nature of children's use, but even use inferior or harmful materials to make huge profits. In addition to the clear provisions on the sharp corners, protruding parts, holes, gap size and stability of children's furniture, the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" has strict restrictions on the control of toxic and hazardous substances, which makes parents There are guidelines and guarantees when purchasing children's furniture.
Many parents believe that children's furniture is expensive and therefore has high profits. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Children's furniture has high requirements for material selection, control of harmful substances, production processes, equipment, etc., and the cost is correspondingly increased. Therefore, the price of most children's furniture is high. The new standard strengthens the environmental protection and practicality of children's furniture making materials, which raises the cost of production. In the short term, the prices of some SMEs may increase. However, with the implementation of the new standards, after the children's furniture is gradually standardized, standardized, and mass-produced, the overall market price will return to stability.
Is the baking varnish good or matt lacquer good?
The door panels and panels are the facades of furniture. Nowadays, many children's furniture brands are mainly promoting bright and bright lacquered board furniture. The baking varnish technology was first used in the cabinet door panel. The lacquered lacquer plate is bright and radiant, and the paint film is stable. It is indeed very durable and meets the children's favorite needs for bright colors. Many brands of children's room kits are now based on painted slabs. In fact, the color of the paint plate is too bright, the reflection is strong, and the vision of the child is not very good. Nowadays, many parents take a compromise. They buy matt lacquer or solid wood wardrobes, desks, etc., and then put a variety of stickers on the surface, which is very beautiful. Matte paint is not like varnish to add harmful substances to improve brightness, so it will be safer and more environmentally friendly to use; although it will be more troublesome to scrub than smooth surface paint, once the naughty child scratches the surface of the paint with sharp tools, It will not leave unsightly traces.

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