18 Martial Arts - Kobe C1 Sapper Evaluation Report

The work shovel is a conventional equipment for engineering personnel. In the early days, the iron shovel was used by the people. The People’s Liberation Army first used shovels to dig trenches, fight guerrillas, tunnels, etc. during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. After the liberation, it also engaged in military strategies such as preparing for disasters, digging holes, and accumulating bread and grain. A large number of underground bunker construction projects were carried out. Since then, engineers and engineers have formally incorporated military equipment into our military. For the purpose of facilitating military operations, after three generations of transformation, many of the shovels for the shovels contained shovels, rakes, saws, and other functions. Some of them added new bottle-opening functions. Many shovels were designed to be foldable to facilitate carrying. High-carbon steel with high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance. Originally used for military functions, but now shovels are often used in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, camping, self-driving tours, or gardening and disaster relief. First of all, thanks to the cool support of equipment, especially thanks to the cool outfits, and thanks to the god C1 shovel provided by Chengdu Doji Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. Equipment experience people: love rain

I. Brand introduction Chengdu Duoji Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.——China's functional outdoor product advocate, China's multi-functional outdoor shovel brand company, the world's first multi-functional shovel with car anti-collision warning light (Shenyang Tibetan mastiff shovel) The inventor, the inventor of the world's first one-second-shift multi-functional shovel, the inventor of the world's first chain saw, and the inventor of the world's first quick-release anti-loose handle.... In high-quality outdoor equipment, integrating R&D, design, production, and sales, and at the same time devoted to the exploration and exploration of extreme toughness of metals and plastics, we have more than 30 national patents, and Dorje’s series of products are exported to 37 countries. In 2014, we had the privilege of landing the CCTV-10 Science and Education Channel's "I love Inventions" column _ out of the shovel, and established a long-term strategic cooperation with CCTV!

Second, product information

Brand Information Brand: Shen Zhen Item No.: SA00101 Sports Outdoor Project: Camping Assembly Finished Product Weight: 0.6kg Expanded Length: 47.8cm Time to Market: 2015 Spring Origin: China Additional Functions: Opener Hammer Axe Shovel Other Index Price: 236 Yuan 3, product details:

The oracle C1 engineering shovel is equipped with a canvas shovel for loading the shovel. The shovel has a built-in shovel. The canvas purse is exquisitely crafted. It just completely disassembles the dismantled engineer shovel. It is simply to buy a shovel to carry the rake.

The material of the bag is very thick, ensuring that the sharp shovel is not easily cut, the built-in Velcro is glued, and the outside is equipped with a quick snap to receive the bag. Bags are also designed to carry bags in different outdoor environments and are more convenient for outdoor use.

Remove the shovel from the bag and screw it on the handle to adjust the shovel head. A C1 engineering shovel with strong practicality, perfection, and functionality will come out and will want to bring it out to excavate and excavate. It.

After dismantling the engineering shovel, the engineering shovel heads, shovel handles, tactical knives, magnesium rods, and survival whistle and paratrooper ropes can be seen from above and below. After the joint of the shovel is screwed through the screw connection, it can become a complete engineering shovel.

The shovel head is made of high-quality carbon material, which is forged by pressing, grinding and polishing. It is about 2mm thick, with high strength and hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. The tip of the shovel head is designed with a three-point tip, and the two sides of the front end are relatively sharp, which facilitates quick digging and shoveling. On the front left side of the shovel is a sharp knife cut, which can be used to cut trees and cut bricks. The right side of the shovel is serrated on the right side. Some small trees can be sawed off and marked with a measuring ruler. Scrapped polished surface layer printed with God's brand LOGO and outdoor backpack crowd pattern, clear and distinct.

The C1 engineering shovel uses a card-type structure to connect the shaft. After the handle is loosened, when the handle is rotated by 90°, the open sides of the gasket on the handle end can be aligned with the convex bayonet on both sides of the shovel head. Because the gasket is not rotating, and there is an apron between the gasket and the handle, then the handle is slightly tightened. The shovel and the handle are turned to 90°. And vice versa, when the handle is rotated 180° it becomes a spade. The fixed-type spade is not easily loosened and can be used with ease and ease.

The handle is made of a hollow cylinder made of aerospace hardened aluminum. It has the characteristics of light weight and high hardness. Precision handle handle surface, feel smooth. Shampoo position plus sponge, to avoid the use of sweat directly caused by the presence of wet grip.

The sharp tactical knife can cut vegetables, cut fruit, cut ropes, and use the serrated back to scrape fish scales. The bayonet of the blade can open the cap.

The rear end of the handle is equipped with magnesium frets and can be used for emergency fire in the wild to avoid the use of match fire in heavy rain and heavy rain. Survival whistle can sound when it is trapped for help and signal. The tail rope can be put on the hand to prevent it from falling when used, and can also be used for binding, knot formation, and the like. Fourth, outdoor experience:

1. Digging: After the rain, the soil is relatively loose, and the shovel is relatively sharp. It takes a few minutes to dig a deep hole soon after digging, and digging a little bit again can be used as a cat hole to solve drainage problems outdoors.

2. 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄 锄.

3. Cut: In the woods in a circle, did not find the right dead trees to cut, had to find the side branches of this tree to cut, hold the shovel and then use the edge of the blade a little hard cut, the branches will be cut out a Big gap.

4. Shovel: Grab the shovel and shovel a shovel at the root of this wild pheasant. Immediately lift the hoe and mud from the roots. No more effort.

5. Hey: The red brick that was shoveled to the ground by the engineer's hand was swung away. The red brick was split and the blade hardness was relatively strong and sharp.

6. Saw: Find a piece of wood in the woods. The diameter of the tree is slightly larger. You immediately saw it. The length of the saw tooth is relatively short. You cannot pull back and forth the saw. The number of saws is relatively large. It is hard to saw it in half. The saw blade of the shovel saws the tree. Sawmills that are suitable for some simple twigs. If you encounter larger trees, this kind of professional sawn wood is still handed to the oracle saw blade.

7. Scissors: The shovel head is designed with a steel wire clip on the handle head, takes a thick nail to cut it, and has no wire bayonet clips for the clip. If you cut it hard, it will cause the iron nails to be damaged. However, the force is not good, but Or quickly cut the nails, cutting super sharp, the hardness of the shovel head is really just. The cut is also relatively small and can only handle some small steel wire and the like, but can not cut the big steel wire.

8. Hee hee: When you encounter some nails on a wooden board, you can shoot them with a shovel back. Of course, you can pick them up and pick up the nails with a spade.

9 Cut: The tactical knife can be cut or shaved, and can open the bottle cap. The length of the tactical knife is appropriate, and the cutting edge is extremely sharp. Cutting up the sweet potato easily cuts through the tofu, and it can quickly cook the sweet potato syrup.

Fifth, summarizing the Gods and more Dorje C1 engineering shovel with digging, picking, sawing, cutting, cutting, cutting, hooking, boring, hammer, quantity, rake, open bottle, firing, binding, and other more than a dozen functions. All of the eighteen martial arts are available. When you always have useful tools, you can use it as a spade. It is not afraid to walk around the world. Its small size and can be folded, light weight, high hardness, and easy operation. It is suitable for hiking, driving, outdoor adventure, rescue and other activities in the wild. It is a must for home travel and for outdoor trips. Recommendations: 1. The length of the serrated surface of the shovel head is a little short, and it is recommended to increase it to 8cm to facilitate sawing. 2. The wire cut ring of the shovel head is small, and it is not possible to cut the slightly thicker steel wire, and the steel wire that is hard to cut is not fixed on the bayonet and is easy to shear. It is recommended to increase the diameter of the shear ring and design the fixed position of the bayonet.

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