Nature Windsor: wardrobe maintenance

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] wardrobe , for many women, the importance is self-evident, the function of the wardrobe is also related to the storage of our bedroom.

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Types and methods of identification of red sandalwood furniture

In recent years, people's value and aesthetic appeal to mahogany furniture has gradually increased, and they have begun to purchase mahogany furniture. At the same time, some so-called "red sandalwood" wood began to appear, and many consumers sometimes think t

How to convert the entrance to the cloakroom

For the home life, the porch modified cloakroom is the most scientific and practical design. Today, fans of furniture bring you several creative ways to transform your life to make your life more enjoyable!

2~2.5 square meters in the porch solution: h

XEMIS series magnetic suspension microbalance

XEMIS series magnetic suspension microbalance

XEMIS Magnetic Suspension Balance

XEMIS is the newly developed Magnetic Suspension Balance (MSB) for high-pressure adsorption