Black box document management software

Qizhou has been unremittingly committed to the research and development of information security products for many years. By combining the technical platform and the management system, it can achieve all-round protection of users' core information assets according to the actual needs of user

Viral tumorigenicity ---- Haibo Biology

Some viruses can induce benign tumors, such as rabbit fibroids virus of the poxviridae family, human infectious molluscum virus and papilloma viruses of the papillomavirus family; some viruses can induce benign tumors, such as rabbit fibers of the poxviridae family Tumor virus, human infec

Nature headlines: sequencing the oldest human DNA

The Husé Rift is a cave site in northern Spain. In this "bone pit", the world's largest Middle Pleistocene human fossil component, including at least 28 bones, was unearthed. A team of Spanish paleontologists led by Juan-Luis Arsuaga spent more tha