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The term "brand" was originally derived from the old Norwegian word brandr, meaning "branding". It very vividly expressed the meaning of the brand: "How to leave a mark in the minds of consumers?" For the hotel industry, each one Hotel groups, whether internation

Garmin Releases VIRB Professional GPS Sports Camera Read Full Article >>

Garmin (Jiaming), an American brand with absolute dominance in the global GPS field, recently launched two sport cameras, VIRB, and officially entered the camera market. The launch of VIRB not only extends the Garmin product line, but also enriches outdoor sports navigation equip

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Hainan huanghuali's rickets antihypertensive effect

Huanghualimu has a strong wound repair function, and it is effective in treating gold sores and healing wounds. "Medical Record" records: There was a general who was injured by a pirate, and the injury was very serious. It was impossible to use other medicines. At