Manual of Human Nuclear Factor? B (NF? B) ELISA Kit

Manual of Human Nuclear Factor? B (NF? B) ELISA Kit

This reagent is for research purpose only: This kit is used to determine the activity of nuclear factor kb (NFkb) in human serum, plasma, tissues and related liquid samples. High-quality ELISA kit supplier, excellent quality, perf

Maintenance and sharing of granule packaging machine

The maintenance of the pellet packaging machine is essential for long-term use.

Machine parts lubrication

1. The tank part of the machine is equipped with an oil meter. It should be refueled once before starting. It can be added according to the temperature rise and operati

Heidelberg green printing: reduce pollution and ensure health

Reducing the emission of dust, noise and volatile substances is not only the key to environmental protection, but also can reduce the pollution of the printing workshop and protect the health of printing plant employees. Take a look at how Heidelberg will lead you to achieve such a win-win

What can KBA's VariDry do?

In 2003, KBA started to develop a multi-functional drying device inside the mechanism including infrared / hot air (IR / TA) and UV drying devices. Now we can provide a complete plan for the Rapida 105 of medium format, and intend to extend this plan to all of our Rapida models. But why sh

Rat Clara Cell Secreted Protein (CCSP) ELISA Kit

Rat Clara Cell Secreted Protein (CCSP) ELISA Kit

(Used in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant and other biological fluids)


This experiment uses the double antibody sandwich ABC-ELISA method. Coated with anti-rat CCSP monoclonal antibody on the e