Waste corrugated roller regeneration technology


In the past, when repairing worn corrugated rolls, manufacturers often used a reduction in the outer diameter of the corrugating rolls to ensure a high repair method. As the pitch becomes smaller, the paper shrinkage rate of t

All-steel anti-static floor specifications

Static electricity is caused by various reasons. Static electricity occurs very frequently around us, and it eliminates the trouble of abnormality. The static electricity in the computer room will make the computer run slowly until it fails, and it will also make t

What is the best water heater brand?

I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with Rongsheng, a household appliance brand. We may often hear about Rongsheng refrigerators, Rongsheng washing machines, Rongsheng integrated ceilings and other types of household appliances. However, you may have hea

How to identify the authenticity of lobular rosewood

Indian lobular rosewood, sandalwood rosewood, is one of the main materials used in the court furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China, which makes the rosewood have a historical and cultural color. After the middle of the Qing Dynasty, the lobular rosewood was grad

Hengfu ceramic tile

In recent years, there are many ceramic tile brands on the market. If you don't study carefully, you don't know what advantages and characteristics of ceramic tile brands have. Today, the editor will introduce you to the Hengfu ceramic tile brand, hoping to

Recommended by the popular bathroom brand Mona Lisa toilet

When you heard "Mona Lisa" you thought it was the world-famous oil painting. In fact, it is also a bathroom brand. Its toilet products have always been loved by consumers. So what advantages does it have so much favor? ? Next, let's take a look at the