How about Kohler bathroom? How about Kohler toilet?

1. Kohler Bathroom

1. Product design

Each Kohler product is a work of art. It combines cutting-edge and stylish design with innovative technology and perfect quality to lead the trend of the bathroom industry. T

Porcine cysteine ​​protease inhibitor C (CysC) ELISA kit

Detection range: 96T7μg/L -200μg/L Purpose: This kit is used to determine the content of cystatin C (CysC) in pig serum, plasma and related liquid samples. Experimental principle This kit uses the double antibody sandwich method to determine the level of porcine cysteine ​​p

Gorgeous transfiguration: packing DIY bookshelf

There are many logistics boxes at home that are not willing to throw? Then let yourself DIY make the box into a bookshelf.

After the boxed milk powder was taken out, the paper powder boxes became trash, and they were put on new coats, which changed their shape

Common repair methods for high and low temperature test chambers

Common repair methods for high and low temperature test chambers Failure analysis: First, observe whether the high and low temperature box refrigeration compressor can be started during the operation of the high and low temperature test chamber. If the compressor of the high and low temperature

Wind and water: home feng shui for pregnancy

First, the bed should not be placed in metal, electrical products

Do not put metal or electrical products near the head of the bed, such as telephones, radios, etc., these items are easy to interfere with normal magnetic fields and normal work and rest, which makes couples difficult

Wood floor and home perfect match four styles recommended

Young people like modern (modern decoration renderings) style homes. In the current decoration market, a large number of young people choose simple (simple decoration renderings) style to decorate their own home. So what are the types of simple styles? What is the effect of wooden flooring

Buying imported furniture can't just look at popularity

Try to be a follower of a certain brand

"The side of the bowl, looking at the pot" reflects a kind of home consumption psychology. I don’t want to calm down and understand the history, advantages and disadvantages of an imported hom

Lightweight paper packaging has become a new favorite in the tea market

Introduction: Tea is an item that is highly susceptible to environmental changes, and tea packaging plays an important role in the quality of tea. The choice of tea packaging materials, safety, moisture resistance, light protection and gas barrier properties must be taken into account. Nowaday