Tire mold cleaning

         When the challenge of cleaning tire molds arises, CleanLASER already has a superior solution – from hand-held to fully automatic laser cleaning systems

About the use skills and precautions of autoclave

Many graduate students in the laboratory have to clean the test supplies and autoclave themselves. Here is a note for the pressure cooker, I hope it is useful to everyone.


1. Do not use this high-pressure steam sterilizer to sterilize any destructive materials and s

What is the operation of the vibration tester console?

What is the operation of the vibration tester console? In front of us, we introduced a lot of operating methods on the vibration tester. The operation method of the console is introduced very little. We also received many customers askin

Home industry sales fell 6.19% Industry faced four major challenges

Wang Xuanqing, deputy director of the Circulation Development Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said at the inaugural meeting of the China Furniture Association Marketing Committee on July 18 that the overall performance of the building materials and home furnishing industry in the fi

Eight tips to teach you how to distinguish solid wood furniture

In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly quality of life, solid wood furniture has become more and more popular among consumers because of its natural, environmentally friendly and durable characteristics. At present, the concept of solid wood

Don't let bacteria destroy your ELISA kit

Bacteria like to multiply in the refrigerator, sterilization is very important. A new disease-causing microorganism: Listeria monocytogenes was found in the food contaminant monitoring point of the Chinese Center for Disease Control. The bacteria can multiply in low temperature environment

DE discloses the method of doubling the production of insulin precursors

The Helmholtz Center Infection Research Institute in Germany published a communiqué on the 25th that the institute discovered a method that can double the output of insulin precursors and decided to disclose all technical details without registering patents in order to make more, especi

Technical issues in digital printing

Starting with "digital printing" that spreads across the streets, digital printing has entered our lives a little bit. With the popularity of computer networks, this emerging technology, with its unprecedented advantages in flexibility, quality, and tota

Great War Windmill ppt (Changchun Edition) courseware

1. Understand the writing background of this article. 2. Learn how to describe characters in this article. 3. Grasp the character image. 1. Introduction to the author, introduction to the writing background. Teaching Assistant Narration (3 minutes) 2. Learning key words. (2 minutes) 3. Read thr