Wine cabinet maintenance

1. Change the activated carbon filter of the vent hole above the wine cabinet every six months.

2. Clean the dust on the condenser (metal mesh on the back of the wine cabinet) every two years.

3. Please carefully check whether the plug has b

Anhua bathroom recommended: Mediterranean home mix and match style renderings

After the romantic style of 80, they want a feeling, fresh colors, romantic feelings and some mix of personality, in color matching, furniture selection, detail decoration have reached a unity. The mix of the Mediterranean, the blue symbolizes the blue sky, the white symbolizes the beach, a

Bookshelf development history


Although there are books, there may not be bookshelves. With the development, humans will put the books on a convenient shelf, so we can
It is speculated that simple furniture such as the early Warring States case is the prototype of the book

Home wine cabinet size

Many families like to put a wine cabinet in the living room. The size of such a wine cabinet should be designed according to the position of the wine cabinet. The size of the wine cabinet should not be too high. One is to avoid the wine cabinet. If the center of gravi

Want to customize the TV cabinet, how to choose the right TV cabinet?

Choice of TV cabinet 1. The choice is to take into account the width, height and depth of the electrical appliances (such as TV sets, DVD players, etc.) to be placed, so as to avoid troubles due to size differences afterwards. 2. When selecting a TV cabinet, you must

Utilization of Foam Plastic Waste Polystyrene

Polystyrene is mainly used in the form of foam plastics for shockproof packaging materials such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances, precision instruments and handicrafts. It is also used in food packaging such as fast food lunch b

Furniture also has a standard body to buy furniture to remember these data

The bedroom is 3.7 meters long from north to south and 3.5 meters from east to west. Is the 1.5 meter wide bed or 1.8 meter bed? Don't think that there is enough space to choose your bed. The designer will tell you right away that it is more appropriate to place a 1.5-meter bed.

Inventory of interactive smart tablet touch positioning technology

The optical touch is at the top two corners of the touch screen, and the two cameras (the blue squares shown in the figure below) respectively emit light, which is reflected by the surrounding reflective bars and passed to each other. In this way, the light is interwoven into a light net o

Discussing two ppt courseware for prose

Two essays on prose "Courseware (Compulsory 2 in Guangdong Education Edition) 1. The door is a barrier. It blocks all the outside noise and makes the people inside the door feel safe and comfortable. In addition to the door, everyone has a heart door with different transparency. Unlike the