Six reasons to choose a paint-free eco-board

The characteristics of the ecological board are related to the ecology. What is more important is that the advantages of the products made with the ecological board are the most concerned issues in the use of people.

1, waterproof, moisture-proof.


Recommended gas chromatograph for refinery gas analysis

Abstract: By-product gaseous hydrocarbons from petroleum refineries. Mainly from crude oil distillation, catalytic cracking, thermal cracking, petroleum coking, hydrocracking, catalytic reforming, hydrofinishing and other processes.

The instrument is equipped with 4 valves and 5 co

Creating healthy bedroom furniture is the best

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] People spend more than 1/3 of the time in the bedroom, so the layout of the bedroom, especially not sloppy. Regardless of the decoration or decoration, the bedroom layout has only one principle: simple and best. …

Beach volleyball court standard size introduction (Figure)

First, the venue standard

The beach volleyball court is divided into a game area and a barrier-free area. The competition area is a rectangle 16 meters long and 8 meters wide, surrounded by at least 5 meters wide rectangular-symmetrical barrier-free area, measuring at least

Analysis of technical advantages of IBM UNIX server

1. What is MBB structure

The full name of MBB is ModularBuildingBlock, and each BB (BuildingBlock) can contain 4 CPUs, several memories and I / O cards. BB is called board on Sun server; BB is called cell on HP server; BB is called quad on original Compaq server. The CPUs in differ

Oriental Times Newsletter, January 14, 2013

Oriental Times Newsletter, January 14, 2013, Winter Edition. Dongfang Shixun is a periodical sponsored by Beijing Wuzhou Dongfang Technology Development Co., Ltd., a laboratory service leader. The quarterly issue contains technical frontiers, new product delivery, and application guides. It

GRAIL detector crashed into the moon peak early in the morning

Editor's note: The GRAIL detection project consists of two identical satellites in an array to carry out the detection work, and they send back a lot of valuable information. The probe has obtained the most accurate lunar gravity field data to date. These data will help scientists solv