Four-step judgment of printer failure method

The author has been engaged in the maintenance of printing machinery for more than ten years. Through continuous practice and exploration, he has concluded a set of methods for judging faults-"look, smell, ask, cut" to judge the faults of printing machines.


Printing suitability control of fountain solution

Offset printing is to form graphics and blank parts on the printing plate with ink and fountain solution, using the principle of incompatibility of oil and water to achieve the replication of graphics and text. The so-called mastering of water is equivalent to mastering offset printing, wh

"Electronic tags" are on par with Japan

The earliest research and development of electronic tags in the United States soon entered the practical stage. Japan, which tracks the trends of the United States, has taken the lead in conducting research and development of electronic tags in Asia. In order to popularize electronic tags,

CTcP future trends

1. Background of CTcP

Since the advent of the desktop publishing system (DTP), the printing industry has been looking for a quick and mass printing method. One solution is the direct plate-making technology for offset printing. The digital graphic information is copied onto the pri

Offset press connection technology

Modern offset printing equipment is no longer satisfied with the traditional application fields. After successfully achieving UV printing, the printing materials are extended from paper to plastics and cardboard; after the printing width is oriented below four, and the ultra-large format i

The Successful Mode of Cultivating Foreign Printing Professionals

American school education + skill development

Education System Nationals in the United States generally implement school-based school education, giving citizens equal access to education. In addition to general school education, they also set up vocational skills training instituti

Some experience of quality management of pre-press output

Despite the growing maturity of CTP technology, the laser imagesetter still maintains its strength in production. In printed publications such as product packaging, books and periodicals, there are still a considerable number of processes that need to be designed and produced before printi

Installation and adjustment of closed scraper system

Author: Chi Qing compilation

In recent years, the application of closed blade system in flexographic printing has been increasing day by day. In order to help flexographic printing operators understand the closed blade system in depth, this article will introduce you to the install

The relationship between the nature of coated paper and printability

Author: Zhang row

In the color copy system, the quality of the printed matter is affected by many factors, and the performance of most printed matter is determined by the relationship between the ink and the printed material, and the printed material-paper is divided into coated pa