Domestic Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Needs Greater Innovation

In the packaging bottle industry, cosmetic bottles are relatively an important market for teaching. Many cosmetic companies are also equipped with specialized designers. Coupled with the professional design personnel of cosmetic bottle companies, it can be sai

Blanket maintenance tips

During the maintenance of the printing gap of the offset printing press, the maintenance of the blanket should not be underestimated. In fact, small details can greatly extend the service life of the blanket, and it can also increase the quality of the printing pr

Two pieces of old furniture make the "Land of the House"

"Pharaoh, how is your baby's recent meal?" "Chen Sister, come help me to see what I have on my neck? I can't see it." "Brother, play with me." "Sister, slowly climb, be careful."... This summer, the 15th floor of Yuyuyuan, Zhongnan Community,

Heart choice enjoyment - Bokman Nordic style wardrobe

[ China Wardrobe ] When it comes to Northern Europe, many people can't help but think of a group of sled dogs in the snowy pure world, pulling the master to run quickly; perhaps you will think of Denmark as a fairy tale kin