Wooden furniture, summer home, moisture-proof battle

Wooden furniture

Affected by the situation: a little bit of water is formed on the surface of the wooden furniture, and the surface of the wooden furniture can not be relieved after wiping.

Control measures: Today, many wooden furniture undergo a strict drying proce

Packaging new technology does not need to open bag direct microwave

Because of its convenience, microwaves have gradually become the heating method used in many frozen foods. However, most of the products require the microwave to open or cut a small mouth before the microwave bag is opened. However, a microwave oven launched by a

Common plates and purchases in wardrobes诀窍

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] sheet is the main component of furniture products, its quality directly determines the quality of the product and the price of the product. The sheets used in furniture currently on the market are mainl

Perfect blush popular item in early summer

The effect of blush on the whole makeup is as if the false eyelashes are as important as the eye makeup. The choice of different colors, positions, and blush effects are also very different. Xiaobian brings the latest blush intelligence!

The use of different material perfume bottles

For the perfume bottle packaging, it can be said that glass bottles are the main products. There are also many glass bottle manufacturers in China that are mainly located in the direction of perfume bottles. At present, perfume bottles are mainly export-orient