Use at least the following elements in the color scale

Some printing fields have special requirements for color labels, such as the Recommended Specifications Web Offset Publications (SWOP for short) pointed out that the proofs should contain the following objects:

Monochrome inks, two-color overprints, and

Wardrobe market integration turned to engineering channel sales

The wardrobe industry distribution network has been basically stereotyped in recent years, while some merchants have turned their attention to the sales of engineering channels. The engineering channel is in the ascendant development state, especially in the past two years. Under the lure o

Seasonal skin is not dry, early spring moisturizing Raiders

In the early spring, the season exchange makes the skin become fragile and dry. Whether it is oil skin MM or dry skin MM, moisturizing becomes the primary task of early spring. But different skin types need to be treated differently, and the skin can get better care. Now take a quick look a

Printing ink humidity adjustment during offset printing

During the offset printing process, the ink used was adjusted for its suitability. To adapt to the printing needs of different products and different papers. Adjustability of the ink humidity is achieved by adding appropriate auxiliary materials to the ink. Becaus

Spring makeup intelligence, a glimpse of modern beauty

In the early spring, it is not necessarily the charming world of candy gouache, especially for the spring of 2012, we have just begun to recover a little passion, only need a fresh and pure minimalist makeup. When we struggle in the spring, fighting in the

Children's furniture from the parents to see for children

Tiles can also be spelled out like fashion

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