7 moisturizing essences recommended during dry season

Most of the skin sensitivity is caused by dryness, the environment is dry, the skin moisture is lost, and the skin barrier is broken, so it is sensitive. To fight sensitivity, start with moisturizing. Today, I recommend several moisturizing essences for everyone.

Golden autumn lady elegant makeup exudes woman charm

Autumn is a mature season that exudes an elegant taste. The true lady should be elegant, gentle, and have the beauty that an intellectual woman should have. She pursues fashion, has the charm that a woman should have, and exudes the charm of an intellectual

Fashion girl draws a queen makeup

Fashionable girls are proud of their appearance at all times! Turning a queen's makeup, if you don't speak, you can convey the strong, self-willed atmosphere that you think. But people can't help but provoke her, such a "self-willed" g

Horror! 5 evil feng shui (Figure)

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