Automatic screen printing machine easy to control

Fully automatic screen printing machine is the latest high-speed, high-precision screen machine series produced by our company after years of designing and manufacturing drum-type flat screen printing presses on the basis of improvement and innovation. Applicab

Beautiful perfume bottles and fortune talk

Beautiful perfume bottles can especially enhance your fortune. The round bottle reflects a happy life and the tall bottle promotes the growth of both body and mind. Heart-shaped and cute perfume bottles can bring you the same luck as a perfume bottle. It is recommended to combine all kinds

Detection of color box material packaging materials

General color box related to the material can be divided into 2 categories: face paper, pit paper.

Usually box box paper is commonly used (in Taiwan): gray copper, white copper, single copper, gorgeous cards, gold cards, platinum cards, silver cards, la

Curing and drying of printing ink (gloss)

The ink is not dry on the press and maintains a certain degree of fluidity, but once it is transferred to the substrate it must be dried immediately. For example, after the offset printing ink is printed on the substrate, it becomes a micron-scale film, the sur

Two good ways to remove furniture

The newly bought home has a very heavy taste, how can we get rid of these nasty tastes and move into new homes as soon as possible.

1. Adsorption method (activated carbon)

Commonly used solid adsorbents include coke and activated carbon, among which activated carbon is t

PET bottle grade polyester chips common sense

In the market quotation of polyester chips, we often see the words "big light," "semi-extinction," and "light." What is said here is for the titanium dioxide (TiO2) content in polyester chips.

"Great light" (Yizheng Chemical Fiber also called

Cola bottle recycling new way: make clothes

ECO CIRCLE is the name of a new eco-friendly fabric. It can be cut into fashion clothes like ordinary fabrics, but its predecessors may be old clothes, waste newspapers, or even coke bottles. When such a garment is worn out, the wearer can send it back to a designated collection point, sma