Take you to visit the Uzbekistan glass market

I. Ukrainian production and sales and imported glass

In 2008, Uzbekistan’s national sales of glass totaled 107.9 billion som (approximately 73 million U.S. dollars), an increase of more than 1.5 times compared with 2007.

In 2007, Uzbekistan imported glass products totaling a

Carton Packaging Printing Hot Stamping Technology

Cold stamping does not require the use of a heated metal plate, but uses a method of printing adhesives to transfer the metal foil. The cold stamping process has low cost, energy saving and high production efficiency, and is a promising new process.


Practice beauty, waist, four strokes, classic body style

First, the towel that makes the waist thinner

Essential supplies: a towel

1, legs straight forward sit, hip muscles tighten.

2. Hold one end of the towel with both hands and straighten both arms forward.

Note: The shoulders are not available and the arms are

The rise in product prices has pushed the paper products industry to rebound

The paper products industry has continued to rise in the past six months and has now risen to 36th, a 35-point increase from six months ago. The main reason for the continued rise in the paper products industry is the impact of the recent price hikes on some paper products. Since April, the dom

Soda ash from glass bottles needs to be warmed up early next year

As the production of downstream glass, alumina, synthetic detergents and other products continued to decline, the demand for soda ash was insufficient, and prices have remained low since December last year.

At present, downstream demand remains sluggish. In April, except for t

Universal printer nozzle maintenance and maintenance

The nozzle of a universal printer consists of many tiny nozzles, and the ink jet holes are similar to dust particles. If dust, tiny debris, etc. enter the nozzle, the nozzle will be blocked, and the nozzle panel will also be easily contaminated by the ink, resu

Reprint article: Imported bearing parameters

Basic parameters of bearing: bearing inner diameter D width ratio B/L

D—The outer diameter of the bearing is determined according to the bearing load. Generally, the average pressure on the pad is preferably equal to 1.5 to 3.5 MPa. There is an e

Printing Cost Control - How to Calculate Printing Ink Consumption

How to calculate the amount of ink to be prepared in actual production? If the amount of preparation is too much, a large amount of waste ink will remain after the production, which will waste costs and increase waste ink inventory. If the budget is too small,

Floor cleaning has a wonderful way to clean the floor plan

The floor occupies an important position in the home decoration. A media network user has collected the maintenance methods of different material floors for your reference.

1, stone floor: natural stone floor should try to avoid acid chemicals directly contact

Kettle Company Plays Green Card: Call for Saving Plastic Bottles

Yesterday, Mr Steve, Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Water Kettle AG (SIGG) stated that according to the average SIGG water jug ​​can be used for 7 years each time, using a portable water bottle to drink water can save about 2,000 plastics. bottle.

As the world's largest

How to easily clean dirty and fluffy toys

Since family planning has become a national policy, many families have only one child. In order to keep children's childhood from being too lonely, parents usually buy a lot of soft fluffy toys as their children's partners. And the children usually like this guy who doesn't say

The decoration should be in order

The reason why the decoration is complicated is that the engineering and work types involved are too numerous. The reason why the decoration is entangled is that it is impossible to coordinate so many contents and projects one by one. Especially when the decoration ent