Mysterious nano ink: penetrating the ink industry

Nanotechnology was born and rapidly emerged from the late 1980s. It can be said that it has become a hot topic. It seems to be a popular new term that people can blurt out. But really, what exactly is nanotechnology? Many people may not answer.

Nano is

Simulation pattern surface coating film

Curved surface film introduction:

A brand new transfer technology. General traditional printing or transfer is incapable of dealing with complex-shaped workpieces. Surface coating is not only easy but also applicable to different materials, but also gre

Cleverly distinguish the film color

Identifying the color of film is a fundamental issue in prepress work. For some novices, the main method is to observe the color marks in the lower corner of the film, such as the YMCK logo. But what if you don't have them? We use the following method to di

The Basic Way of Color Management in Photoshop (1)

Color management is not just about joining a digital copying system. There are many links to it. In simple terms, color management not only enables Soft Proofing and Digital Proofing...

Print processes with different color gamuts (such as different pape

Pre-press practical tips

Graphic design process:
1.Conceive, design, arrange, plan, prepare materials.
2. Use Photoshop to edit the picture, including modification, color correction, splicing, etc. After processing is complete, you must convert the CMYK TIF or EPS file to 300

CTP Computer Direct Plate Making by Poor People

The CTP computer directly plate-making not only saves the negative film output project, but also reduces the troubles of the film material and its development and fixing solution recovery and treatment. But on the other hand, the equipment cost of CTP's pla