Method of forming print inspection data

Patent Name Method of Forming Print Inspection Data Patent Applicant Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Osaka Prefecture, Japan Inventor Hiroshi Takeda; Keigawa Takahiro; Xiang Yuelong Application (patent) No. 03818614.4 Date of A

Color Printing Opens Up Artwork to Copy New World (I)

Chinese and Foreign Art Reproduction Technology

Chinese calligraphers, painters and even modern photographers have created many art treasures, most of which have become museum collections, or become personal collections, and are rar

New high-speed film winding system: Brückner LIWIND system

Brückner's latest launch of LIWIND-System, the successful application of this new system marks the era of high-speed film winding systems. In cooperation with the world's leading film supplier Manuli Films of Italy, Brückner developed and tested t

UV inkjet ink technology and application (3)

3.4 Colorants

The colorant is preferably thermally stable and water-insoluble, although it is not excluded that a colorant such as a dye, which is soluble in a diluent, can be used, it is preferable to use a pigment or the like insoluble, especially when

Application of Electronic Ink in Digital Printing (Part 2)

1. Edge sharpening and sharpness

Since the electronic ink adopts the same composition as the conventional ink and only the charged ink, the electronic ink reads similar to the ink traditionally printed on the paper, but the brightness and contrast are hig

PolyOne launches new biodegradable masterbatch

U.S. plastic compounding company, PolyOne Corporation, recently introduced a new masterbatch for biodegradable resins and auxiliary masterbatches. The masterbatch contains anti-adhesives, slip agents, laser printing auxiliaries, and brighteners. Color masterbat

Use plate-making experience for RGB data processing

In recent years, due to the development of digital printing, people have had the impression that the color of printed matter is not as stringent as in the past. From the point of view of the printer, the colors that could have been successfully completed cannot be

Shandong successfully developed a degradable raw salt bag

Weifang City, Shandong Province, is a major city for salt production. The original salt packaging has undergone major changes. Lightweight, durable and beautiful plastic textile bags have replaced bulky, easily damaged and costly sack bags.

Shandong Hai

Application and drying mechanism of soybean oil ink (2)

Application characteristics of soybean oil ink

At present, soybean oil offset printing inks have different viscosity type products for customers to choose from, but have higher prices compared with petroleum-based inks.

The cont