2005 Fuzhou Columbus Cup Indoor Rock Climbing Challenge

After the United States and the United States climbing competitions, clubs climbing competition, more and more people are participating in this rock climbing fashion campaign. In order to develop the cause of mass sports, the promotion of the level of extreme adventure sports in our provin

Offset Printing 1000 Questions (300-311)

300. What are the operating points of manual development?
A: (1) Pour the developer into a container, dissolve it thoroughly with warm water, and mix it thoroughly before use. Note the developer's temperature and other development conditions.

Catalyst for recycling waste beverage bottles into polyester polyols

Lanzhou Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the use of waste polyester to produce polyester polyol technology. This achievement utilizes mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, edible oil barrels that are abandon

Climb the equipment to choose the ring to read>>

Its English name is called CARABINER, and domestic mountaineering circles call it iron lock.

Iron locks used in early climbing were made of steel or iron. Steel is characterized by its sturdiness and durability and its high endurance (some can withstand 4,000 to 5,000 kilograms of

1,000 Offset Printing (214-226)

214. What are the basic requirements for chemical properties of offset printing paper?
A: During the offset printing process, it is required that the paper does not chemically react with the wetting fluid and graphic ink film transferred from the printing

The Aesthetic Consciousness of Modern Packaging Container Design (I)

The design of packaging containers should have aesthetic value. This is almost no controversy because people need not only material satisfaction but also spiritual satisfaction. Therefore, excellent packaging container design should be a high degree of unity of

Color mesh screen printing features and techniques

Driven by the development of the chemical fiber industry, screen printing has become more and more widely used in the decorative processing of blended, interwoven, and purified fabrics. Screen printing is no longer limited to monotonous lines and color printing

American scientists launch polyester oxygen-preserving bottles

American scientists invented a polyester oxygen-controlled fresh-keeping bottle, which uses plasma vapor deposition technology to form a layer of soft polyester film outside the plastic bottle, which can keep the food contained in the bottle fresh. This plastic su

Printing ink color deployment knowledge and precautions

In the preparation work before printing, whether it is a multi-color machine or a monochrome machine, ink color deployment is a high-tech work. Iron printing ink is a special offset printing ink. In order to meet the conditions of printing and high-temperature

Boxboard Market Observation

At present, the price of wood pulp has started to rise, and the price of waste paper has also risen sharply. The price of boxboard on the international market has also increased. However, there is little room for the price increase of most boxboards in China, and