Bag butterfly handmade

Butterfly handmade material: transparent bag, lantern paper, hair root Production method: tear the lantern paper into the bag, and use the root to tie out the butterfly's wings. Horizontal pop up a frame banner is one kind of folding display system ,it is for-----

Soil-clay extraction-siphon method

Based on Stoxx's law, using the law of settlement of soil particles in still water, the clay particles less than 0.002mm are collected for chemical composition analysis or mineral composition identification. After removing organic matter and carbonates from the air-dried soil sample, use a dispe-----

How to paint the furniture with old paint?

Furniture painting “done-fashioned” is a trend of future furniture development because it caters to the psychological needs of mankind yearning for nature and returning to nature. It is currently very popular in countries such as Europe and the United States. It is to g-----