Crash troubleshooting case - color failure

Fault phenomenon: â—‡ Color documents print out in black and white. â—‡ Printed colors are seriously distorted and even reversed compared to the original colors. Solution: Check if you are using B&W ink or print settings in black mode. If it is not, then perform a nozzle check an-----

Handmade little mouse in paper tray

a little mouse , With little eyes, Holding two small teeth, With a long character. a little cat , Oh, Scared the mouse and ran back. Handmade materials: paper tray , cardboard, moving eyes , hair roots , scissors, double-sided tape Fold the paper tray in half Cut -----

Tire mold cleaning

         When the challenge of cleaning tire molds arises, CleanLASER already has a superior solution – from hand-held to fully automatic laser cleaning systems. Handheld lasers are very flexible and can quickly clean complex surfaces when needed. The fully automatic -----

About the use skills and precautions of autoclave

Many graduate students in the laboratory have to clean the test supplies and autoclave themselves. Here is a note for the pressure cooker, I hope it is useful to everyone. caveat: 1. Do not use this high-pressure steam sterilizer to sterilize any destructive materials and substances containing a-----