Beauty salons counterfeit cosmetics

In the market, many beauty salons and spas use the banner of “organic natural plant essential oils” on the leaflets. In fact, they use the inferior essential oil costing only 3~5 yuan to fool consumers, and take hundreds of yuan. A bottle of high price is sold to consumers. Because the -----

Non-marking lipstick

Do you want to have your lips at all times? I believe that many MMs have such distress, spend a lot of time to create ruddy lips, but in a short while, the red lips will be gone, in fact, not bleaching lipstick can help you solve this problem, not bleaching lipstick because of its "no bleachin-----

High-efficiency PET plastic bottle recycling system

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bepex International, a world leader in process development and process equipment for the food, chemical, mining and polymer industries, announced today that it has signed a contract with Thanh Tai Gas Company. The agreement, the first system in Southeast Asia to custo-----

Talk about security ink concept and classification

China's national defense pseudo ink technology is most commonly used in two aspects: First, government-administered tickets, and second, social use of trademarks and packaging. The features of anti-counterfeit ink technology that take into account both public recognition and expert recognitio-----