Wine cabinet maintenance

1. Change the activated carbon filter of the vent hole above the wine cabinet every six months. 2. Clean the dust on the condenser (metal mesh on the back of the wine cabinet) every two years. 3. Please carefully check whether the plug has been pulled out before moving or cl-----

Bookshelf development history

Early Although there are books, there may not be bookshelves. With the development, humans will put the books on a convenient shelf, so we can It is speculated that simple furniture such as the early Warring States case is the prototype of the bookshelf. Ming Dynasty This -----

Furniture trade-in continues to pilot

Old furniture will no longer be recycled According to the "2013 Beijing Furniture Replacement Project Tender Notice", the tender is a public bidding method, which will determine no more than 15 furniture sales enterprises, as a fixed-point supplier of furniture trade-in; determine no m-----

Home wine cabinet size

Many families like to put a wine cabinet in the living room. The size of such a wine cabinet should be designed according to the position of the wine cabinet. The size of the wine cabinet should not be too high. One is to avoid the wine cabinet. If the center of gravity is too-----